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Crafted from years of research and development, the R series of pickups embodies a culmination of expertise and innovation.

This exceptional range is a result of extensive analysis, collaborating with renowned inventors such as Seth Lover and Leo Fender, meticulous testing and refinement, and a deep understanding of materials, production methods, and sound.

The outcome is the R series - our pinnacle achievement in pickup design.

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For Telecaster

The development of the R series of pickups is the culmination of years of careful listening, consultation with esteemed inventors like Seth Lover and Leo Fender to explore all aspects of sound, materials, and production methods, and exhaustive testing and refinement. The result is the R series, Wilkinson's finest pickups to date.

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The Wilkinson R Series humbucker pickups are the pinnacle of humbucker design, featuring Alnico V magnets and vintage-inspired plain enamel wire.

With exquisite attention to detail and precision craftsmanship, these pickups deliver exceptional clarity, warmth, and sustain, making them ideal for a wide range of musical genres. Experience the ultimate in humbucker tone with Wilkinson's R Series pickups.

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The Wilkinson R Series P90 pickups feature Alnico V magnets and calibrated windings for precise and balanced output. These pickups are crafted using traditional methods, including fiberboard bobbins and vintage-style braided wiring, to deliver classic P90 tone with enhanced clarity and definition.

With years of research and development, the R Series P90 pickups are the perfect choice for players looking to achieve authentic vintage tones with modern reliability and consistency.

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