Telecaster Wiring Diagrams

  • Telecaster Wiring Diagrams

    If you're having trouble with your Telecaster then look no further than our Telecaster Wiring Diagram page. With wiring schematics for a standard 3-way switch as well as the Oak Grigsby 3 Way switch variant, we've got you covered whether you're adding new components or just renewing your current wiring.

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    Squier Telecaster® wiring diagram (Standard 3-way switch)

  • USA Telecaster® Wiring Diagram (Oak Grigsby/CRL 3-way switch)

  • Telecaster® 4-Way Switch Mod

    The four-way Tele switch configuration works with an Oak Grigsby Or CRL 4-way switch to give you both series and parallel circuits. This great little wiring enhancement for Telecaster guitars that really opens up the tone options for you.

    The Telecaster 4-way switch is available as a pre-soldered kit here.

  • Telecaster® HS Wiring Mod

    This wiring kit uses 500k solid shaft pots for both volume and tone. The additiona of a 500k resistor wired inline with the single coil acts to "step down" the pot to 250k, thereby taming the high frequencies, producing a more traditional Telecaster tone.

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  • Telecaster® Deluxe Wiring Diagram

    Standard Telecaster® Deluxe wiring diagram, with 2 Humbuckers, 2 Volume/ Tone controls, and a 3 way toggle switch.

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  • Broadcaster Wiring Diagram

    Originally named the "Broadcaster" Until Gretsch complained, these models were wired completely differently to what we now see in the modern Telecaster®. One pot acts as a master volume control, and the second pot as a blender to bring in the neck pickup in position 1.

    • P1 – Bridge pickup with active blender to allow neck pickup to be added
    • P2 – Neck pickup alone – blender inactive, no tone control
    • P3 – Neck pickup with .05uF capacitor (very warm tone, blender inactive)