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Lollar Vintage Matching Set for Telecaster - Chrome

Lollar Vintage Matching Set for Telecaster - Chrome


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Matched Set of Special T Series Neck & Bridge Telecaster pickups.

Neck: Matched with the Lollar Special T Series bridge pickup for higher output, increased drive, and the fullest tone when played clean.

Made with Alnico 5 magnets, 42-gauge wire, wax potted coils, and vintage style cloth covered lead wire.

DC:Neck 6.3K

Bridge: This Special T Series is a higher output version of the Vintage T Series bridge pickup. You get a rounder top end with more midrange and bottom end. Roll the tone control back and you'll get something close to a vintage P-90 humbucker tone. Often paired with our Vintage T or Royal T neck pickups to get more volume boost switching from neck to bridge.

Features flat-pole design with graded Alnico 5 magnets, wax potted coils, and vintage style cloth covered lead wire.

DC:Bridge 8.0K

Lollar's philosophy on Telecaster pickups is to open up their potential. Jason Lollar often heard from customers that their vintage Telecaster neck pickup was closed-in sounding, compressed and uninspiring. It's a given that the bridge will be the heart of the sound, but thier Telecaster pickup sets are designed to give you an additional tonal counterpoint in the neck pickup.

Lollar's entire Telecaster line is vintage inspired. These pickups are built based on theri experience using, repairing, and rewinding old Telecaster pickups. We love the vintage sound and have worked hard to perfect the construction for better reliability. They don't use any off the shelf parts. Instead, every part in their Telecaster pickups — including flatwork and coil wire — is either made in their shop or made to their custom specification. As with all Lollar pickups, they pay attention to every detail and are uncompromising when it comes to materials and construction. For example, all of their Tele neck pickups have threaded baseplate holes for 6/32" mounting screws so you have the option of pickguard mount or body mount. 


DC Resistance neck: 6.3 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 8.0 KΩ

Alnico V magnets

2 Conductor Wires

Active: No

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