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G7TH Performance 3 Electric/Acoustic Guitar Capo - Gold

G7TH Performance 3 Electric/Acoustic Guitar Capo - Gold


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Capo Type: Tension Control

Compatibility: Electric/Acoustic

Material: Metal

G7th Performance 3 Guitar Capo - Gold

Bringing you the ultimate in guitar capo design, the G7th Performance 3 Guitar Capo in Gold is the culmination of years of designing and tweaking the tried and tested guitar capo formula. G7th took the time to actually listen to what guitar players want from their capos, resulting in the innovative Unique Tension Control™ and Adaptive Radius Technology® that gives players the ultimate in capo design and performance.

Adaptive Radius Technology

The ART system mechanically adapts to the radius of your fretboard to exert a completely even pressure, whether you have a 7.25" radius guitar neck or a totally flat, classical style guitar neck. What this means is you get completely in tune, buzz free playing across the whole neck, on literally any guitar neck.

Unique Tension Control

Unique Tension Control technology makes this capo supremely easy to use, simply squeeze to attach it to your guitar neck and the G7th Performance 3 holds on. It gives you intuitive control over the pressure on your strings, great when you're switching from acoustic to electric and vice versa. It's so easy to operate that you can do it one-handed, meaning no more fumbling around between songs on your setlist!

Silicone Pads

The handily placed silicone pads on the G7th Performance 3 ensure that they, and only they, make contact with the finish of your guitar. The non-reactive material design ensures that even on vintage nitro finishes, you're guitar is safe from harm.

The G7th Performance 3 Guitar Capo is quickly becoming one of the most popular capos in the world for good reason. Proprietary technologies ensure rock solid performance night after night, whether you play electric, acoustic, or anything in between.

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Customer Reviews

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Dunno where they get the price from generally..(Not Northwest Guitars , they were the cheapest and a good service).
It doesnt seem any better than other Capo's I have that were far cheaper. Not overly impressed really. Ive played a guitar for over 50 yrs so know how to use a Capo. Ive had to fiddle n faff with it to stop string buzz and it sending strings out of tune due to not fitting that well..and on more than one guitar. Perhaps I expected too much..but at that price why wouldnt I.