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Daddario Cradle Guitar Capo - Silver

Daddario Cradle Guitar Capo - Silver


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Capo Type: Cradle

Compatibility: Acoustic

Material: Metal

D'Addario Cradle Guitar Capo - Silver

The D'Addario Cradle Guitar Capo in Silver takes the time-tested design of a classic cradle capo and propels it firmly into the future. Designed in conjunction with Ned Steinberger, this capo automatically centers on the neck of your guitar to provide even tension across the strings.

Cradle Capo

The design of the D'Addario Cradle Capo means you'll always have even tension across all of your strings, no matter where it is on the neck. The correct tension is crucial to giving you strings that ring out true and clear, with no buzz no matter where you put it on the neck.

Micrometer Tension Adjustment

The micrometer tension adjustment ensures an even distribution across the neck, adjustable to the specification of your guitar. This means that your string will ring clear and true, with no annoying deadspots whether you're playing a jumbo acoustic guitar or a 3/4 Parlor-style acoustic.

Rock Solid Construction

The Cradle Capo is made from stainless steel and aluminium meaning it is both durable and lightweight, so it won't affect the balance of your guitar. It will also put up with the kind of abuse that will get thrown at it when you take it on tour.

The D'Addario Cradle Guitar Capo in Silver has a unique design that allows it to remain on your guitar neck even when not in use. Supremely adjustable, it will ensure that all your chords and arpeggios ring out properly.

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